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Hi, I'm Damitha

I build websites by transforming ideas into reality through code.




I am a passionate and creative Web Developer with a love for beautiful and functional websites. I have experience working with a variety of web technologies and frameworks and I am always eager to learn new things and take on new challenges.

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Image of Event Management Platform

Event Management Platform

Techpulse is an event management platform that helps organizations and communities to manage their events from...

Image of Organic Food Marketplace

Organic Food Marketplace

The Green Supermarket project successfully combines a consumer-friendly e-commerce platform and an efficient...

Image of Shoe Store Website

Shoe Store Website

The Odyssey e-commerce project is an ongoing endeavor aimed at creating a highly customizable and scalable online shopping...

Image of Patient Management System

Patient Management System

Medisync aids medical facilities in enhancing the effectiveness, accuracy, and security of patient data...

Image of Tourism Website

Tourism Website

Tourists planning to visit Sri Lanka often face challenges due to the lack of a comprehensive, centralized platform...

Image of Clothing Marketplace

Clothing Marketplace

By utilizing WordPress CMS and WooCommerce plugin, Bunny Clothing is able to deliver a robust and scalable e-commerce...





Building beautiful and functional websites.



Creating delightful user experiences.


Full-Stack Development

Storing and organizing data efficiently.



Crafting apps for smartphones and tablets.



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Published 13 June 2024

Skillshare 1.0

I'm thrilled to share the journey of organizing and conducting SkillShare 1.0 workshop with my colleague...
# Public Speaking
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Published 21 Dec 2023

Microsoft Student Ambass...

Significant milestone update with the MLSA program is transitioning from Alpha to Beta.
# Certificate
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Published 21 Dec 2023

Flutter Bootcamp

I got a chance to attend a two-day Flutter Bootcamp hosted by Women in FOSS - IIT in...
# Bootcamp
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Published 21 Dec 2023

Devfest 2023

It was fantastic connecting with like-minded professionals, learning from industry experts...
# Event

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